WE CAN Leadership Team

  • David Wade lives in Friendly Neighborhood and he loves walking to the Friendly Street Market and throwing frisbee at the Friendly City Park. For him the more the neighborhood has coffee shops, tea and cider bars, as well as delicious food options the better. He's convinced Tam's Place has the best chicken wings on earth. When not hanging with his neighbors you can find promoting tiny homes and bicycle trips to wineries.
  • Dennis Casady is a life-long Eugene resident. He is an alumi of the University of Oregon, and is a property manager and landlord in the Eugene area.  He also serves as Vice-President for the Rental Owners Association of Lane County.
  • Dylan Lamar is an architect-developer and founder of Cultivate, a benefit corporation promoting small footprint livability and access to homeownership for all. He has witnessed his generation being priced-out of location-efficient neighborhoods as a result of zoning regulations that compel socio-economic segregation.
  • Eliza Kashinsky is a resident of the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood, and a former vice-chair of the Eugene Active Transportation Committee.  When not working on WE CAN, she is the HR Manager for a non-profit mental health clinic in Cottage Grove.
  • Josh Newman is a resident of the Friendly Neighborhood and a former co-chair of the Friendly Area Neighbors.  Josh has taken part in various campaigns advocating for active transportation and transportation choice. He is also an all season bicycle commuter. Professionally, Josh is an Environmental Engineer in local government whose work focuses on improving water quality in our local urban waterways in the Eugene/Springfield metro area and the Upper Willamette River Basin.
  • Laurie Hauber is new to Oregon and lives in the Friendly Neighborhood.  She enjoys the bike and walk-centric life style, pace of life and proximity to the stunning beauty Oregon has to offer.  She has practiced community and economic development law for much of her legal career and recently joined Lane County Legal Aid/Oregon Law Center to focus on affordable housing issues. 
  • Seth Sadofsky has served on the City of Eugene Active Transportation Committee (formerly BPAC) since 2014 and was briefly on the Board of Southeast Neighbors in 2016. When not advocating for transportation or development issues Seth works in Environmental protection for the State of Oregon. He has live in Southeast Eugene for 10 years.
  • Sue Wolling lives in a condominium complex on the edge of downtown, where she enjoys the benefits of “Missing Middle” housing in a location that puts groceries, theaters, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and a huge park within a 10-minute walk or 5 minute bike ride.  Sue serves on the Eugene Sustainability Commission, is on the board of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, and advocates for bicycling and walking with numerous groups.  She works as an RN in the Intensive Care Unit at Riverbend Hospital, and loves bicycling, hiking, cross-country skiing and backpacking when she’s not at work.