Alert: Accessory Dwellings at Council and Planning Commission Monday!

Is the proposal to address ADUs enough?

Tomorrow, January 22nd, City Staff will be presenting to both the Eugene Planning Commission (meeting at 11:30am) and the Eugene City Council (meeting at 7:30pm) their proposal for addressing roadblocks to Accessory/Secondary Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Eugene.

Staff is proposing a two-phase process-- the first looking strictly at legal compliance with the new state requirements surrounding ADUs contained in SB 1051 by the July 2018 deadline, and the second a community conversation to address broader questions surrounding the reasonableness of our other restrictions on ADUs.

SB 1051 states that cities shall allow "the development of at least one accessory dwelling unit for each detached single-family dwelling."  This applies in cities with a population greater than 2,500; it only applies in zones that are zoned for detached single-family dwellings; and cities may put in place "reasonable local regulations related to design and siting."  

For the first phase, staff proposes that the only thing Eugene needs to do in order to meet the requirements of SB 1051 is to allow ADUs in zones that currently allow single family homes but not ADUs (mostly higher density residential zones.)  They are proposing postponing discussing of all other restrictions or prohibitions on ADUs, including those not related to design and siting such as owner-occupancy requirements, to a future process.

Make your voice heard!  Do you think that this is enough?  

Eugene Planning Commission:
Public Comment: Monday Jan 22, 11:30am, Sloat Room- Atrium Building, 99 W 10th Ave

Eugene City Council:
Public Comment: Monday, Jan 22, 7:30pm, Harris Hall, 125 E 8th Ave.