May 20th at 7:30- Council Public Hearing on ADUs

May 20th: Council Public Hearing on ADUs

What: City Council Public Hearing on ADUs
When: Monday, May 20th, 7:30pm (sign-up to comment starts at 7:00pm)
Where: Harris Hall, 125 E 8th Ave, Eugene, OR
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Monday's Public Hearing is a chance to let Eugene Council know that the time has come to remove barriers  to Accessory Dwelling Units from our zoning code.  Lot size minimums, parking requirements, alley access lot prohibitions, and other overly restrictive regulations prevent thousands of Eugene homeowners from being able to build an ADU if they so desire. (See detailed analysis of the code proposal, submitted by a WE CAN member)
After years of delay and dodging, it is time to get this done.  
ADUs should not have been a hard question.  Of all the ways to add additional housing in our City, ADUs are some of the least impactful to existing properties.  Compared to other new construction, they are comparatively affordable.  They are most often built by individual homeowners as opposed to large developers, in a model of small-scale development.  Removing these barriers is supported by a wide variety groups and individuals, including those who frequently have vastly different points of view on other issues.  The state passed a law saying we must allow each single family homeowner to build one if they want.  Most other cities managed to remove barriers to ADUs with much less delay or controversy. And yet, somehow, this was a hard decision for Eugene.  
While ADUs are just a tiny piece of the puzzle for solving the housing crisis in Eugene, we are never going to be able to solve that housing crisis without being willing to take bold steps and disrupt the status quo.  Business as usual isn't going to solve this. Council, with their decision on ADUs, can chose to take half-measures and baby steps that just leave everyone dissatisfied. Or they can show that they are willing to actually act.  
Council is scheduled to discuss ADUs and potentially take action on June 12th.  Monday's Public Hearing is the opportunity to let Council know before then that Eugene supports removing the barriers to ADUs and that we need to stop just talking and start taking actions. 

Let Accessory Dwelling Units Thrive In Eugene
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"A garden analogy might illustrate the hazards of Eugene’s overly-cautious approach to housing code. Imagine that in your garden last year, you had a serious problem with weeds. To avoid that problem this year, you apply an herbicide to your entire garden area before you’ve planted anything. This approach ensures that you won’t have a lot of weeds this year. Unfortunately, you also won’t get any of the fruits, vegetables or flowers you were hoping to grow."