ADUs- Back at Council on Feb 20

Eugene City Council will be deciding if they are going to move forward with removing owner occupancy requirements for accessory dwelling units, and making other necessary changes to our zoning code related to ADUs at their work session on Wednesday, February 20th.  Watch the work session and see the agenda and materials here.

Council should use this opportunity to move forward the necessary code changes to make ADUs a more feasible option to provide housing for residents of Eugene.

Even before SB 1051 passed in 2017, which required cities to allow at least one ADU per detached single family home, Eugene had the most complex and unreasonable set of restrictions on ADUs in the state.  Over the past year and a half, Oregon cities large and small have reviewed the ADU regulations, and removed barriers to ADUs. Eugene is one of only a handful of cities that has chosen to delay making changes to allow for more ADUs.

We can't drag our feet anymore.  Let Council know that the time has come to take real action to remove unreasonable restrictions on ADUs in Eugene.