Excluded from Involvement

The people who are truly harmed when cities say no to new housing

The Washington Post discusses how we discuss planning, and who is considered a "affected party."  Unfortunately, many of our conceptions about who our neighbors are in these discussions excludes many people, including those who are going to have to figure out how to manage 50 years from now with the buildings and development patterns we are putting in place now.

We tend to make local policy — and housing policy in particular — as if the only people who matter in a community are the ones who go to bed there at night. We don’t think of people who work but don’t “live” there, or who’d like to live there but can’t afford to, or who once lived there but had to leave, or who could access better jobs if only they could move there, or who commute through there as part of their daily lives.
— Emily Badger, the Washington Post