Letting the Tenants Save the Building

A DC law lets tenants buy their buildings before anyone else can, but it also helps renters stay put

One common fear as we determine how manage growth for the city is that currently affordable buildings will be sold to developers who replace them with higher priced units and displace lower income tenants.  One tool to help prevent that in Washington, D.C. is called the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act. Greater Greater Washington describes how it works.  Could something like that be useful in Eugene?

DC has a law that lets tenants buy their building if their landlord wants to sell it. Under the law, the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA), tenants can work out a deal directly with their landlord, or more commonly, they can refuse a contracted sale the landlord arranges with a third party and purchase the building instead for the same price.
— Carolyn Gallaher, Greater Greater Washington