Creating "Missing Middle" Housing in Oregon

Bringing affordability back to Portland's neighborhoods

Portland, like Eugene, is figuring out how it will grow in the future, with the added pressure of a housing affordability crisis. Portland Commissioner Steve Novick has a short article about the "Missing Middle" in housing in Portland, which is similar to the new housing types proposed by the South Willamette Special Area Zone.

Middle housing is just as much about housing affordability and equity as accommodating growth and diversity of housing types. Part of housing affordability is, without a doubt, subsidizing the production of new affordable housing for people who earn below the median family income, and we must maintain our commitment to building subsidized housing. But another part of affordability is getting our zoning code out of the way of smaller, attached housing. We should provide as many housing types at as many price points as possible, and prioritize stable affordable rents.
— Portland Commissioner Steve Novick