Link Round Up- Housing and Equality

The Super Bowl and a Broken San Francisco: We all have heard about San Francisco's housing affordability crisis, and Eugene is working to make sure it Doesn't Happen Here. This article discusses the connection between zoning codes, housing affordability, and inequity.

Little Homes in Big Backyards: San Francisco's Housing Solution: The creation of accessory dwelling units as a partial solution to San Francisco's housing woes.

The Dark Side of a Tech Boom: Unlike San Francisco, Reno is a mid-sized city like Eugene. They haven't built enough housing to accommodate their recent growth, resulting in an increase in homelessness and families living in motels.

The poor are better off when we build more housing for the rich: The Washington Post reports on recent research that indicates that adding housing targeted at any income level can benefit low income families. Update: More from the Post on this.