New Affordable Housing Laws In Oregon

Oregon Legislators Reach Deal to Lift Ban On Inclusionary Zoning

Oregon lawmakers approve protections for renters

During their short session, the Oregon Legislature is taking up a number of bills that will affect tenants rights and affordable housing in Oregon. The Oregon House yesterday passed a bill that would require more time before increasing rent on month-to-month rentals, and increase the amount of noticed required before rent can be increased. That bill is now going before the Oregon Senate.

On the Senate side, a deal has been reached to end the ban on inclusionary zoning. Oregon, along with Texas, is one of two states that currently prevents cities from providing incentives for or requiring new housing development to include a set number of affordable housing units. That bill needs to be finalized on the Senate floor before moving onto the House.

Inclusionary zoning β€œis not a silver bullet but it can really help in some cases,” said state Sen. Michael Dembrow, D-Portland. He noted that Portland officials are particularly interested in using inclusionary zoning to help cope with the rapid rise of rents and home prices in the city.