Bob Cassidy, Mayor Candidate Answer to WE CAN Questions

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I have reviewed the questions and find them representing many of the complex and basic problems the city government needs to deal with.  Answers or comments to all these issues would fill a book.  Simplistic "bumper sticker" type answers are quite worthless.  The personal values of a candidate are the most important when it comes to making a decision on a particular issue or motion.  And the mayor does not even have a vote on an issue unless there is a tie - as you know.

I would like to put more "power" in the hands of the council and more opportunities for dialog among them…  Trust and dialog is fostered by this sort of action.  And this is very essential in our representative government… My answers would not be a sufficientsubstitute for prolonged dialog.  My concern is how we achieve these solutions with the people we elect to do the job.