Paying for Sidewalks

Portland wants to pay for sidewalks with new fee

One of the things that we all can agree on is that good quality sidewalks is essential for walkability. Many areas of Eugene lack good sidewalks and unfortunately, sidewalks are expensive. Building and maintaing most sidewalks in Eugene is the responsiblity of the property owner or developer, which makes sorting out funding for sidewalk infill or repair difficult-- If we have gaps in our sidewalk infastructure, do we force the guy who bought a house with no sidewalks to pay perhaps thousands of dollars he doesn't have to put one in? If we (as a city) just pay for it, how is that fair to his neighbor, who used their own money to put in the sidewalk?

Portland is current discussing different ways to ensure sidewalks get funding and built.

Transportation officials could use the money to build sidewalks where they make the most sense – such as along busier roads that lack them, or routes that lead to schools.

”Better off one main street with sidewalks than dozens of side streets with bits and pieces of sidewalk,” said an excited Portland Commissioner Steve Novick, who oversees the Transportation Bureau.
— Brad Schmidt, The Oregonia/Oregon Live