Learning from others on Street Design

A One-Stop Guide to Designing the Streets of the Future

One piece of walkability is designing streets to make sure that multiple transit options are viable-- you can walk to things that are close, while still having the option to bike, take transit, or drive to things far away. Balancing all those different needs can be tricky and controversial; learning what has worked in other places can be invaluable. The National Association of City Transportation Officials has released a "Transit Street Design Guide" with some suggestions.

Not all urban planners or city governments agree on what kind of street designs are best. But one thing remains clear: Cities who want to plan for the future must prioritize transit accessibility.

To aid this process, the National Association of City Transportation Officials has devised a Transit Street Design Guide, which contains insights from 18 different transit agencies, as well as officials and practitioners in 45 North American cities.
— Aria Bendex, City Lab