Can Portland preserve affordable housing?

Can Portland Avoid Repeating San Francisco's Mistakes?

San Francisco is the prime example of a city that has failed to maintain affordable housing. Portland is beginning to face an affordable housing crisis of its own, and despite a strong value of maintaining affordable housing and efforts to nip the crisis in the bud, there is reluctance to take some steps necessary to ensure an adequate housing supply. While Eugene doesn't face a crisis yet, we aren't exempt from the pressures cities like Portland are facing.

But there has been pushback on these efforts, too. Many Portlanders say they don’t want more density in their neighborhoods, that they oppose big housing complexes and in-law units in neighbors’ backyards. (There is a similar attitude evident in some San Francisco residents’ responses to that city’s housing crisis.) Some neighborhoods are actually trying to downzone to decrease density.
— Alana Semuels, The Atlantic