Implementing Inclusionary Zoning

Achieving scale in affordable housing 
Inclusionary Zoning Does Not Drive Up Housing Costs 
Is San Francisco's Ballot Measure for Inclusionary Housing Too Extreme?

Oregon recently removed its ban on Inclusionary Zoning, allowing jurisdictions to determine what rules they want to put in place to require developers to build affordable housing along with market rate housing.  Articles from City Lab and Strong Towns discuss how Inclusionary Zoning is working in other places.

When it comes to producing housing for people who don’t happen to be rich, solutions are becoming increasingly difficult to come by. This burden has fallen mostly on the federal government. However, cities have lately been finding ways to get the private home-building sector involved—namely through inclusionary zoning (IZ) policies. Such policies require developers to set aside a certain percentage of units in their buildings for sale or rent at below-market rates.
— Brentin Mock, City Lab