Urban Growth Boundery Discussion

As Lane County housing prices hit record highs, the discussion continues about where to build new homes in the area.  Eugene is required by state law to have an updated Urban Growth Boundary and a plan to accommodate future growth.  At this point, we are out of compliance. 

The original plan had been to focus growth along key transit corridors, but with the controversy surrounding South Willamette, a new strategy was needed to meet our legal requirements.  While key transit corridors remain on the table for future discussion, at this point we need more time to resolve the questions surround how to create compact development along them.  City Staff have developed some other options to bring us into compliance now. These include potentially modifying the requirements surrounding new construction on larger R-2 (medium density) lots to ensure that they are used for more compact development as opposed to low-density housing. 

They will be holding outreach events through the summer to gain feedback on the options, with City Council making a decision in the fall.  More info can be found here.