New Developments in Eugene

Three new housing developments in Eugene show different ways that walkability and missing middle can be built, as well as some of the challenges--

  • In West Eugene, a new nodal development (where the area is planned with a mix of commercial, single family, and multi-family dwellings) is proposed to start construction next year.  While the neighborhood itself may end up being walkable, it would be far from the core of the city, and developing the whole site at one time would likely result in less diversity in home prices.
  • In South East Eugene, a "pocket neighborhood" of small cottages is nearing completion.  The homes fit well with the existing neighborhood while adding a number of new units, and are relatively cost-efficient for new construction.  However, the project faced a large number of roadblocks and hurdles to get off the ground.
  • In South Eugene, a new mixed use building, with ground-floor retail and apartments targeted at young professional on upper floors is being proposed. 
One of my last questions to Eric was “If you could do anything differently what would it be?” His answer was immediate and very firm, “I wouldn’t do it at all”. When I asked why, he gave me a list of hurdles they had jumped out of sheer determination to show Eugene it could be done.
— Laurel Burke, Southeast Neighbors