Renters have shorter commutes

How being a renter influences your commute

While Eugene continues to enjoy an average commute time well below the national average, a new study shows that renters tend to have shorter commutes than homeowners, in part because renters are more likely to live closer to where they work. Perhaps an argument for providing more house options closer to employment centers, particular options other than single family homes or rental apartments?

But even after controlling for family size or the number of bedrooms, renters still had shorter commutes than owners. Based on this, the report concludes that “large-household-renters may put a very high value on having a short commute, because after all, time spent in the car is time spent away from their family.” This is in line with a recent study, which found that affluent, high-skilled families are heading back to city centers or locating near transit, trading longer commutes for higher housing prices and smaller spaces in order to save time for friends, family, or leisure.
— Rchard Florida, City Lab