Affordable Housing Examples

Meet the New Green Face of Affordable Housing
Finding an affordable anchor in D.C.’s wave of gentrification
The Downside of Durham’s Rebirth

A serious question in Eugene is ensuring that all our residents are able to find housing that is affordable-- and of course this isn't just a concern in Eugene. Fortunately, there are some good examples of high quality, green affordable housing. Washington, D.C. is adding new affordably priced condos. We also have places that we can look to get a better picture of some of the challenges, like Durham, NC.

In particular, great design - to say nothing of great green design - has not frequently been a feature of affordably priced developments... We need new models, and we need them fast. We especially need them in distressed neighborhoods to catalyze green, inclusive revitalization. Fortunately, I’m here to report that they are indeed on their way. I have seen quite a few over the last decade, but none more aesthetically and environmentally impressive than these three.
— F. Kaid Benfield, Huffington Post