Corner Stores as part of Neighborhood Character

We’re Losing Character in Single Family Zones

An article about the importance of mixed use and corner stores as part of a neighborhood's character-- Eugene is fortunate in that, unlike many places, our current zoning code includes the C-1 designation, specifically designed to allow corner stores, and we have a number of amazing examples, such as New Frontier Market in Jefferson Westside.

While we value easy access to public transportation and a variety of business and retail shops common to arterial streets, housing near these arterials may be less desirable due to traffic and noise issues. Furthermore, for residents on the fringes of neighborhoods, it is not especially practical to utilize the amenities that have been concentrated along the arterial streets in the core of a neighborhood. By allowing small corner stores to repopulate communities, a dispersed network of services could be available and within walking distance for everyone, with a lower intensity of use, that is more conducive to neighborhood life.
— Anders Meyer, Seattle Transit Blog