Two ways makes for a better place

Returning One-Way Streets to the Two-Way Roots

Many of Eugene's main streets are two-lane, one way roads through our downtown area-- 6th/7th, 11th/13th, and Oak/Pearl are key examples.  One-way streets like this may move cars a bit faster, but are not particularly appropriate for streets in downtown or walkable neighborhoods-- they encourage cars to exceed the speed limit by allowing passing and providing other cues that driving fast is allowed, make it more difficult to reach destinations, and reduce safety. Strong Towns discusses the benefits of transitioning one way streets to two way in walkable areas.

If your goal is to move traffic quickly from one place to another, then one-ways are a great method to accomplish that. But, if your goal is a productive place with thriving local businesses, then slowing traffic with two-way streets is a much better plan. It’s a tried and true method.
— Rachel Quednau, Strong Towns