Yes in My Back Yard

YIMBY Town- 2016 Conference

In Fight For More Housing In Washington, Groups Hope To Make Case For 'Yes'

'Portland for Everyone' housing coalition emerging, modeled after Seattle

WE CAN is just one of many groups around the country, including in San Fransisco, Portland, Washington, DC and across the nation who is saying, Yes in My Back Yard, and promoting updates to zoning code and the way we think about housing to provide more housing choice and affordability in our cities.

Spevak advocated for more so-called “missing middle” housing – such as duplexes, triplexes, rowhouses, accessory dwelling units and garden apartments. He noted that in 1923, much of Portland was zoned for multifamily housing. Now, it is zoned for mostly single-family neighborhoods.

”Portland is being relatively timid, confronted with the housing crisis we face right now,” Spevak said.
— Luke Hammill, The Oregonian