Where will the housing go now? Updated information on Urban Growth Boundary

Envision Eugene Multi-Family Options

The South Willamette Special Area Zone project was, in part, a pilot to determine how we would be able to fit more housing near our Key Transit Corridors to allow us to meet our housing need without substantially expanding our Urban Growth Boundary.  With the collapse of the South Willamette process, we still need to determine how we are going to meet the housing needs within the Urban Growth Boundary.  New recommendations from staff for alternatives have been proposed, and will be discussed with City Council at work session on July 20th at noon.  Options include increasing the minimum density on existing medium density residential land, and preventing or limiting the ability to build single family homes on that land.  Do these proposal meet the goals of creating more missing middle type housing in walkable neighborhoods or areas with access to transit?

Over the course of Envision Eugene, residents and elected officials have said we should accommodate the anticipated 15,000 total new homes over the next 20 years within our existing urban growth boundary if possible. Thanks to over five years of input from Eugene’s residents, robust technical analysis, and Council direction, we’ve found that we have land across Eugene to do most of this. We just need to find space for about 1,600 homes.

We as a community are exploring several options to provide space for these remaining homes and we know Eugeneans care about our neighborhoods and long-term livability.
— Envision Eugene Website