Where are the new homes going?

Eugene homebuilding activity hits 10-year high, as inventory shrinks to historic lows

The Register Guard has an article about increasing numbers of new homes being built in Eugene.  This is great-- increasing supply to meet demand is critical to improving affordability.  Unfortunately, many of the new homes being built are detached, single-family homes in unwalkable neighborhoods.  How do we ensure that we also get new houses in places that are more walkable and provide the hosing choice for those for whom detached single family homes aren't the right option?

“Demand is very high, and builders are building as quickly as they can,” McMahon said. “We still have a lack of inventory. That probably is pushing up some of the (home) pricing.”

In fact, Lane County’s $238,000 median sale price in May was the highest for a single month since July 2007, according to the Regional Multiple Listing Service report, and 13.3 percent higher than a year ago.
— Elon Glucklich, The Register-Guard