Low-income housing in South Willamette

Rest-Haven Memorial Park owner proposing 172 units of low-income housing on part of south Eugene cemetery

One part of ensuring affordable housing in Eugene is ensuring that we have enough housing overall to meet demand. But that isn't the whole solution-- there is also a need for subsidized low-income housing. All areas of Eugene need to create housing, and it is particularly useful in areas where residents are able to get around without a car.  The Register Guard discusses the latest in a process that has lasted almost 15 years to attempt to create low-income housing in the South Willamette area.  The saga highlights the difficulty of building new housing in Eugene, particularly low income or missing middle types.

The low-income development would feature 36 one-bedroom and 92 two-bedroom apartments, 20 two-bedroom and 12 three-bedroom townhouses, 12 studio units and one community building, according to documents Schirmer filed with the city.
— Elon Glucklich, Register Guard